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Why Civvy?

Top garments evolved from undergarments. The one-piece union suit underwear was cut into separate top and bottom garments. With or without buttons, they were adopted by miners but soon gained popularity in the United States when they were issued by the U.S. Navy for tropical climates.

They had numerous benefits which fueled their popularity- a good fit, easy to clean, and cheap. Top garments encompass the spirit of American style and were the first clothing option among civilians as a stylish, unique and comfortable way of dressing.

undergarment undergarment cool!

Civvies are now part of our everyday lives, they express our individuality. Civvy has a clear philosophy- we care about creating garments to suit different shapes and personalities because we believe people deserve clothes as unique as their identity. Which is why we promise to provide you with the tools to make the brand you always dreamed of.


Brands we've worked with.


We have just over a year working with Civvy. Their specialty washes reflect our brand perfectly. We especially love the burnout wash.


A 5 year business relationship which keeps on growing. They use a combination between specialty washes and inks which works really well for our brand. We use foil ink frequently to make our designs stand out. They match the level of detail that we require.


Civvy has been our supplier for 3 years. Their printing techniques are of the best standard. We ask for bright intense colors and every time we are happy with the results.


it's been a pleasure working with Civvy. Their eagerness to develop, work through challenges and seek the highest quality is appreciated.


Civvy has made our dream possible; by creating our own brand and offering our clients quality products. We are always attended in a fast and personalized manner.

We're passionate about our beliefs

Eco-friendly & socially responsible

At Civvy, we know that being eco-friendly and socially responsible is no longer a plus, but a must for every company. By taking care of our environment everyone, including ourselves, benefits. All our processes, washes and dyes are made with eco-friendly products, we also have a water treatment system.

Customer Care

Our clients´ interests always come first. We believe that every interaction- internal and external- calls for professionalism and respect. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow. We believe that by simply listening and understanding our clients we ensure that we provide top quality customer service.

Continuous Improvement

At Civvy, we are constantly thinking ahead and anticipating how we can better serve our clients. We are always analyzing how we can improve and learn from past mistakes. We understand the importance of knowledge and training by actively investing in our staff and their skills. Our monthly meetings help us evaluate our progress and keep us on track.

Quality is key

Quality is at the heart of our company. We understand that quality ensures future trust and confidence in Civvy. We are accountable for ensuring quality in our products and we achieve this through quality assurance. Every step in our process- from start to finish- has quality checkpoints to maintain our high quality standards throughout the company.


Jorge Carvajal


The strategic mastermind and co-founder of Civvy. His leadership style is innovative, creative, and participative. He manages the team and makes sure everyone’s voice is heard. He guides the team to find solutions and gives support in each project.  He´s a meeting maniac. One of his most memorable meetings was “a meeting to organize the next meeting”.

Fernanda Carvajal

Head of Fashion Design & Development.

She makes sure our styles are on edge and that you find something to represent your brand. You will find her at our Trade Shows with a big smile on her face, recommending the best looks for your brand. Any doubts you have, you can be sure she has a solution.  She´s addicted to to-do-lists and she has every kind of post-it imaginable.

Mary Fierro

Head of Production

In charge of operations and Jorge’s eyes on the factory floor. Her job is to manage and coordinate the production team. She ensures that each and every order is carried out to a T with the best quality from start to finish. She’s extremely detailed orientated and nothing gets past her. We call her the Sherlock Holmes of Civvy. So, don’t screw up or she’ll find you.

Paulina Rivera

Graphic Designer

In charge of making all things look good and in line with our branding. Her tasks vary as much as our products. She keeps the creativity flowing and adds a sweet and charming touch to the team. She ensures all our communication materials are on point and reflect our philosophy. Making her angry? Impossible! She’ll always have a smile for you.

Laura Middleton

Customer Service Executive

Part of the customer relations team, she manages your order in an effective and efficient manner. She is very punctual and responds to every email with care.  All her tasks are followed up with extreme organization. She adds a Scottish touch to the office, with her love for the bagpipes and lovely accent. If you have any special requirements, she will always have an Aye for you!

German Hernandez

Screen Printing Specialist

He has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in all screen printing techniques. He is a perfectionist and makes sure each garment comes out looking great. Although we have a big team in the screen printing department, he’s the one who makes the magic happen. If you think a design is impossible to print, Germán will always prove you wrong.

Quality is at
the heart of our Company.

Civvy is part of Knits Group, a vertical manufacturing company, which gives us invaluable expertise and 35 years of experience in fashion, dyeing techniques and screen printing. This experience has set our quality standards high and we are constantly monitoring them for the best results.

our print label is expertly applied and imperceptible to touch
we can dye any color using the pantone matching system (pms)
the dyeing process is carefully monitored for quality and color matches
garments ready to sell with our labelling options
our dyeing house has a capacity of over 100,000 pieces per week
great care is taken in the dyeing process to ensure the best results
we are constantly innovating to bring you new styles, washes and inks
temperatures are closely monitored throughout each process
our staff are skillfully trained. Your production is in the hands of experts
our printing department uses various techniques to bring out the very best in your garments
many of our processes are handmade and intricate
our machines are of the latest technology within the industry
we have 5 automatic screen-printing machines that can print up to 14 colors
our large factory exports more than 200,000 pieces per month
every printing process is closely watched for quality control
we offer a wide variety of inks to suit your brand's image
silk print frames are used to transfer your design to garment
at each stage in production there is a quality check point